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June 16 - 19 @Hiiumaa

Adventure Camp for Students "Hiiumaa Challenge"


Bus ride to Hiiumaa

A story about which bus you can get to Hiiumaa.

Reservations for this bus must be made in advance. There is a limited number of seats.


Pleasant long sandy beaches, ideal for a peaceful holiday ..


Length of coastline


Highest place



Untouchable nature

The island is small but there is a lot of untouched nature to explore.

Sandy beaches

Hiiumaa has many long winding private sandy beaches.


Kõpu, Ristna and Tahkuna lighthouses. Kõpu lighthouse is one of the three oldest working lighthouses in the world.


is not being done in this camp?

Let's put the red lines in the beginning to make it clear what we're not doing in this camp.

We don't wear masks

Because restrictions no longer require it.

We don't explore the sights

Surprise-surprise! You can do it after camp!

We don't laze on the beach

Because you can do it after camp.

We're not calling your mother

Only you and your team are in this camp!

In this Camp

There will be in this camp

There are plenty of team competitions, games and rehearsals in this camp. The camp is attended by 38 Americans from the University of Colorado. The best teams will be worthily rewarded!

38 Americans

Yes, you read that correctly. Students from the University of Colorado come to visit us to test themselves with us.

Personal challenges

So many games or competitions will put you to the test!

Competitions for teams

All participants will be divided into teams. There are many different competitions and games every day.

Powerful prizes

The first three teams will be awarded! So many prizes exceed the cost of the camp many times over!

Hiiumaa Challenge


The participation fee includes 4 days in the camp, transport to and from Hiiumaa, accommodation and catering in Hiiumaa!