Mafia roleplaying game ZOOM edition

Mafia roleplaying game ZOOM edition

A game of Maffia is held every friday at 18:00. There can be up to 15 participants.

Mafia is a roleplaying game with two teams - villagers and mafia. Mafia will try its best to eliminate villagers from the game, who in turn will try to guess, who are the baddies and eliminate them.

Prerequisites for the game

To play, you need to have a computer with a webcam, or a smartphone with Zoom app.

Course of the game

  1. In the beginning of every game the host will assign every player a role (detective, medic, normal villager or maffia) and forward them via private messaging in Zoom
  2. Game is in night and day cycles. During the night, the game host will go through maffia, detective and medic and asks them to pick a target. In case of more than 1 maffia, the answer will need to be coordinated among all of them. The target of maffia will just die
  3. Detective can find out their targets’ roles, if they are either villagers of maffia. Medics will be seen as villagers. Medics targets will be healed/saved/resurrected, so they will not die in case of maffia attack. A medic cannot save the same person two nights in a row
  4. After the night, everyone will wake up and game host will announce, if someone died and who it was
  5. During the day, the role of villagers is to figure out who is maffia. There is a chance to vote against another player to be eliminated. To do this, a player needs to accuse someone and needs others' support. In this case, the defendant has 1 minute to prove his/hers innocence. After this there will be a public vote
  6. To vote, just raise your hand when told, so the game host can see. If more than half of all the players vote against the defendant, he/she will be eliminated. Depending on number of players, each round will last from 5 to 10 minutes. Usually there will be more than one game per session, so don’t leave just yet if you are eliminated.

A game is considered finished when there is an equal number of maffias and villagers (which means they cannot be voted against) or all maffias are eliminated.


In the end of every session there will be an afterparty, where you can share your emotions. Every player is welcomed to stay!

Video about how to play this game