Alpha Course for students

The Alpha course for students at Agape Café starts on October 7 at 7 pm!

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Alpha course for students

The Alpha course is a series of lectures where you get to know life, faith and meaning. It is a place to think about deep questions, share your thoughts and listen to others. The course is free and homework is not left for participants.

What can you expect in an Alpha course?

We always start with eating together, followed by an interview on a different topic each time, which can be discussed later in groups. Each topic opens up different basics of Christianity. During group chats, you can share what you think about this topic. There is a new topic and new questions every week. You have no obligation to say anything and at the same time there is nothing you cannot say. It is an opportunity to listen to others and shape your worldview in an honest, friendly and open atmosphere.

Alpha is a place where you can make new acquaintances, listen to other students' thoughts on vital topics, and who knows, you can have answers to some of your questions.

You also don't need to have any prior knowledge or contact with Christianity and Christianity - the Alpha course is for completely ordinary people. 

Just come and learn and gain new knowledge!

Course duration

The Alpha course for students will take place on 07.10.2020 - 25.11.2020 (8 times in total), on Wednesdays from 7 pm to 9 pm in Agape Café, address K.E. von Baeri 1. 

In addition, there will be a nice outing in the middle of the course ?

You need to register to participate in the course

The course is FREE, but please register in advance so that we can count on you:
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Karmen Suss

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact us. Karmen will be happy to answer your questions.

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